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Michelle Hammond The APHP Journal
After initially struggling with the flow and Americanisation of this book I have to confess I found some little nuggets within the pages.

Overall the manual is focused more toward the new or learning coach and doesn't tackle any particular issues or concerns in specific details that could be presented, but does however give the reader a defined outline of the boundaries and processes of the coaching journey.

There are some aspects of Dave's approach to coaching such as; intense periods of coaching with a client or the emotional involvement he refers to throughout the pages that did not sit well with my own personal style of coaching or training, but if nothing else it helps define your individual approach and encourages you to explore what it is about those adversities that does not appeal.

The key areas of focus amidst the pages are predominantly on the power, possibilities and the mechanics of coaching, whilst also giving, albeit brief, insights in to enhancing your skills, some professional issues and marketing your services.

The book is easy to read with simple and unambiguous text and for any therapist who now wishes to explore the key benefits and solution focused, orientated approach that coaching encapsulates, will find it a comfortable and insightful first step.

There are many books now written and available on coaching, some of which I feel integrate the processes and techniques more comprehensively than this one, but as the number of coaches and coaching resources flood the market and demand from clients sores, to get more action orientated and results specific, -˜A Manual for helping professionals' would be worth a read. This book will help you to decide whether this approach is for you and whether it would be worth pursuing more formal avenue's of training and development.

Coaching as a whole has seen an incredible growth in the USA and now here in the UK over the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down. For this reason I would advise any -œtalking therapist' not yet familiar with the concept or mechanics of this approach to take a lazy afternoon and have a read!
Guest | 16/11/2006 00:00
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