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The Hypnotherapist, Reviews, 2006
Hardly a week goes by without us hearing something of the term - Life Coaching -œ. Often we link it with rich celebrities to tend to confuse it with -œPersonal Training- when they mention it in glossy magazines.

Life Coaching is something that we all go through , to some degree or other, during our lives. The thing is, though, many of us may have a vision of what it is all about which may contrast sharply with that of the professional Coach. We may not be a million miles apart BUT it helps if we both speak and understand the same language -œIn life coaching, my ( the author) aim is to assist people to create their own solutions, arrive at their own answers, and discover options for themselves-.

The book is written primarily for practicing professional life coaches and those who feel that they would like to introduce a stronger element of life coaching into their own work. Basically, it is a truly comprehensive manual for assisting the reader to develop his/her knowledge of the whole life coaching business.

It is a well written book which first of all shows us that life Coaching is NOT a therapy. However it does embrace many of the qualities and techniques that we use in our own practices. Life Coaching is a very fast growing and lucrative profession which the author himself feels may actually replace therapy as - the primary intervention to get people to live more positive, happy and goal-orientated lives-.

The book is well written in clear, concise English and is very agreeably jargon-free. It may embrace many techniques that we already use but I still feel we have much to learn from this book. I found it an intelligent and inspiring read and have certainly found that it has made me think far more effectively and dynamically when dealing with some patients.

As well as excellent material dealing with approaches within working sessions themselves, it also includes an excellent section on the setting up and management of one's business. In this way it provides truly useful, across the board advice and explanation for all professionals.
Guest | 16/11/2006 00:00
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