Product reviews for Life Coaching

Brian Wakeman, Freelance Educational Consultant
Dave Ellis's book -˜Life Coaching' is written for practising life coaches, to give a manual for assisting counsellors, social workers and ministers of religion in their profession. His vision of life-coaching is to -˜assist people to create their own solutions , arrive at their own answers, and discover options for themselves' The reviewer found this vision has limited application to mentoring children, and coaching colleagues in schools in UK, and is more closely related to counselling students in higher education. The writer explores the Power and Possibility of Life Coaching, lays out the mechanics, and skills of coaching, addresses frequently asked questions, discusses professional issues, and the marketing coaching services. For this reviewer the practical chapters were of most interest and relevance (Chapter Two, The Mechanics of Life Coaching, and Four, Enhancing Your Coaching Skills). For life coaches the book could become a well-thumbed bed-side volume.
Guest | 18/05/2012 01:00
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