Product reviews for The School Fundraising Handbook

Kirstie O'Brien, PTA Chairperson, Wrekin View Primary
At a time when fundraising is essential for schools and learning communities, Lindsey's book is a godsend. It has something for everyone -“ including teachers, school leaders and even the PTA -“ and is packed with suggestions to engage the whole learning community.

Each chapter features excellent step-by-step advice -“ from how to apply for grants, and even how you should format your letters, to innovative fundraising ideas and all those little essentials you may miss -“ as well as a wealth of useful contact details.

With so much conflicting information available on the internet, this book is reassuring, easy to use, and has been written in such a way that it feels as if Lindsey is talking to you -“ sharing easily digestible, to-the-point information we can all access and understand.

I would highly recommend The School Fundraising Handbook as a source for all your fundraising needs. It will be my go-to guide for our school's future endeavours.
Guest | 23/10/2019 01:00
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