The School Fundraising Handbook

How to maximise your income from grants, sponsorship and many other sources of finance

By: Lindsey Marsh


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Size: 222 x 182mm
Pages : 224
ISBN : 9781785834264
Format: Paperback
Published: November 2019

Written by Lindsey Marsh, The School Fundraising Handbook: How to maximise your income from grants, sponsorship and many other sources of finance is a carefully compiled treasury of tips, tools and key contacts to help schools in the UK save money, boost their income and manage their fundraising projects.

It’s exciting to know that there are hundreds of grants available to schools – whether they’re for funds needed to raise attainment levels, purchase new equipment, run school clubs or improve buildings and outdoor spaces – and these grants can range from a few pounds to thousands of pounds! Plus, in addition to financial grants, there are also lots of other means of support out there too, such as business sponsorship and employee volunteers.

The School Fundraising Handbook aims to help schools become better informed about such opportunities, and to raise awareness of all the wonderful charities and organisations that are willing to support schools and other educational establishments – such as nurseries, colleges, special schools and pupil referral units.

Covering grants, crowdfunding, event planning, recycling schemes, corporate support and much more, this indispensable guide throws schools a lifeline by revealing the abundance of fundraising streams available to them and sharing shrewd advice on how to coordinate specific projects and initiatives successfully.

Lindsey also uses her fundraising expertise to guide readers through the grant application process from start to finish, so that even the most inexperienced fundraiser can feel confident about seeing their projects through to fruition. Furthermore, she offers ideas and insights on how to fundraise through wider community involvement, reach out to business links and benefit from various other opportunities available to schools (e.g. hire schemes, guest speakers, free gifts and free site visits).

An invaluable resource for school leaders, school business managers and anyone involved in fundraising in the education sector.

Picture for author Lindsey Marsh

Lindsey Marsh

Lindsey Marsh's career in fundraising began in 2005 and she has since raised thousands of pounds for local schools and charities in Shropshire. Lindsey has also previously run her own business, and won recognition and funding for two enterprise start-up projects during her media and business management studies.

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  1. The School Fundraising Handbook is a real eye-opener. It is very well researched and provides schools with a lot of suggestions both on fundraising and on using the resources that they already have to best effect. As a business that supplies schools, we try to keep abreast of available grants and Lindsey's research in putting this book together clearly goes to impressive new levels of depth and breadth.

    A truly helpful book for schools and for those in the supply chain. 10/10.
  2. The past five years have been pretty hellish for school funding -there can't be many schools that haven't felt the effects of decreasing income and rising overheads. What better time for a book to support schools in their own income generation?

    Enter The School Fundraising Handbook, which tackles the tricky process of applying for grants and fundraising for specific projects.

    If you are expecting a masterclass on the intricacies of professional corporate fundraising, donor acquisition, the management of alumni or customer-relationship management database and marketing for income generation, this isn't it. There is little here for the professional or experienced fundraising professional. So I must admit to being somewhat disappointed by a book that promises to be the handbook for fundraising in schools.

    Title aside, the book itself holds a wealth of information and advice for school business managers, senior school staff and headteachers. There is an abundance of ideas and tips on how to plan and manage projects efficiently and effectively, saving time and effort by getting straight to the heart of the project's desired outcome: savings on expenditure. Essential stuff indeed.

    Perhaps most useful is the guidance on completing grant applications. Lindsey Marsh provides considered and shrewd advice on the value of research in terms of bid criteria, supporting documentation and preparing accurate costings, but also in sourcing the most appropriate body for a project to maximise success potential.

    In all, despite the slightly misleading title, The School Fundraising Handbook is a useful tool for aspiring and new school business manager and headteachers. It's packed with useful advice and its “grab-and-go” sections allow dipping in and out as and when the hectic school schedule allows.
  3. As teachers, we are not trained or often informed about the range of funding and partnership opportunities available to us. The School Fundraising Handbook, however, opens our eyes to a range of potential income streams that could benefit our schools. The book provides sound practical advice on how to prepare an attractive bid and it is also intelligently organised, which makes it easy to find information relevant to the reader's specific areas of interest. I will definitely be applying many of the principles and ideas contained in The  School Fundraising Handbook, and I believe they will be of direct benefit to our students.  
  4. A useful resource that can be referred to throughout the academic year, The School Fundraising Handbook shares easy-to-follow guidance relating to how schools can raise money for the benefit of their pupils' learning and well-being.
  5. The School Fundraising Handbook is a thoroughly researched compendium of advice that shares Lindsey's knowledge and expertise as she highlights a range of grants and sources of income to support the fundraising activities of schools. It is a well-thought-out book, written as an accessible, easy-to-read and practical guide filled with pragmatic insights and handy tips and ideas to try. It will prove to be a useful resource for all those involved in school fundraising, and can be read either from start to finish or by selecting the area that is most relevant to your plans for income generation.
  6. At a time when fundraising is essential for schools and learning communities, Lindsey's book is a godsend. It has something for everyone - including teachers, school leaders and even the PTA - and is packed with suggestions to engage the whole learning community.

    Each chapter features excellent step-by-step advice - from how to apply for grants, and even how you should format your letters, to innovative fundraising ideas and all those little essentials you may miss - as well as a wealth of useful contact details.

    With so much conflicting information available on the internet, this book is reassuring, easy to use, and has been written in such a way that it feels as if Lindsey is talking to you - sharing easily digestible, to-the-point information we can all access and understand.

    I would highly recommend The School Fundraising Handbook as a source for all your fundraising needs. It will be my go-to guide for our school's future endeavours.
  7. Lindsey leaves no stone unturned in The School Fundraising Handbook, which is packed full of advice for schools looking to maximise their income streams. This is so much more than just a book about grant applications, however. Lindsey explains how to research and plan projects such as setting up a school library, developing a new or existing playground area, investing in educational technology, and many more. She also shares practical suggestions for evaluating the way a school approaches its spending priorities. 

    You might not have Lindsey working in your school to bring in additional funds, but this book is possibly the next best thing!
  8. The School Fundraising Handbook shares great insights into the wide variety of ways in which school teachers and leaders can not only raise money but also lift school and local community spirit through their fundraising efforts. This book is a two in one!

    The research Lindsey has covered also helps to pick out potential areas for school improvement, thus enabling the provision of better resources and learning environments for both the students and the teaching staff. I personally will be taking ideas from this book to suggest to management in my own primary school setting. 

    A very informative tool for anyone who works in education.

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