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Sue Overton, Associates Training and Management Consultants
Happy kids Happy you is a fascinating book in which Sue takes the complex workings of children and steers the reader gently through the minefield of managing their behaviour!

A cross between a workshop manual and advice from your favourite agony aunt, Sue manages to balance gentle nurturing and coaxing with a serious dose of “beware and defuse”

Anyone who is responsible for the emotional development and welfare of young children should buy this book!

It is easy as adults for us to hide behind the belief that “the adult is always right”

Using tried and tested NLP techniques Sue challenges you to think about your interactions with young children and how it feels to be on the receiving end of your, language, feelings, behaviour and attitude.

This common sense practical guide helps you to re-think and re programme how you speak to, behave and interact with little ones ensuring a better outcome for you both.
Guest | 26/06/2009 01:00
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