Product reviews for Voice of Influence

Christine Miller, author and Founder Editor of ReSource Magazine.
This book is very timely, and attuned to an expanding awareness of the importance of voice as a key factor in effective leadership and management. Increasing attention is also being paid to the effects of sound on people at work, at leisure and at home.

Its widely acknowledged that different beats and rhythms can have dramatic effects on both mood and productivity; and we are rebelling against dulling, dreadful muzak in our public places by retreating into a personal-pod world. We know that babies and children respond differently to soothing as opposed to strident sounds, but have we really given thought to how and if our own voices truly express the essence of our selves and thereby affect the way we are perceived at work and in our personal lives?

Judy Apps' new book, Voice of Influence, explores these issues, and many more. I know from experience that Judy's methods and concepts are highly effective and relevant in a world where the competition for air time means it is increasingly difficult to garner the attention we need to get our authentic message across clearly and congruently. I am certain that many coaches, managers and senior executives and parents too will benefit from learning how to use the voice as a tool for improving communications and responsiveness.
Guest | 09/07/2010 01:00
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