Voice of Influence

How to get people to love to listen to you

By: Judy Apps


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Size: 234mm x 156mm
Pages : 240
ISBN : 9781845902889
Format: Paperback
Published: November 2009

This inspiring book by leading voice coach Judy Apps shows you how to awaken the energy of your authentic voice to speak from head, heart, gut and soul. Bringing together knowledge from voice training, NLP, Aikido, Alexander Technique, Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais and other mind-body work, Voice of Influence gives you the means to reach people at a deeper level where you’ll motivate and inspire. Through this journey of discovery, you will literally ‘find your own voice’ in all senses of the phrase.

Judy will show you how to:

  • speak more powerfully and influentially
  • communicate from the whole of you, and reach people at a deeper level
  • find your true voice rather than just speaking with expression
  • understand other people better through the sound of their voice

Your voice is uniquely you and reveals more about you than you might imagine. Your whole history is imprinted in your voice. We have all heard of ‘body language’. This book reveals the ‘body language’ of sound - ‘voice language’. It uncovers many startling new aspects of the human voice and how we communicate - and fail to communicate! Every sound you make gives information about what is going on inside you, and you can use this information both to become a more skilful listener and to communicate with greater impact.

Picture for author Judy Apps

Judy Apps

Judy Apps has spent many years unravelling the secrets of how great leaders inspire others, and now runs open creative programs and coaches leaders in major corporations in voice and communication.

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  1. This book is very timely, and attuned to an expanding awareness of the importance of voice as a key factor in effective leadership and management. Increasing attention is also being paid to the effects of sound on people at work, at leisure and at home.

    Its widely acknowledged that different beats and rhythms can have dramatic effects on both mood and productivity; and we are rebelling against dulling, dreadful muzak in our public places by retreating into a personal-pod world. We know that babies and children respond differently to soothing as opposed to strident sounds, but have we really given thought to how and if our own voices truly express the essence of our selves and thereby affect the way we are perceived at work and in our personal lives?

    Judy Apps' new book, Voice of Influence, explores these issues, and many more. I know from experience that Judy's methods and concepts are highly effective and relevant in a world where the competition for air time means it is increasingly difficult to garner the attention we need to get our authentic message across clearly and congruently. I am certain that many coaches, managers and senior executives and parents too will benefit from learning how to use the voice as a tool for improving communications and responsiveness.
  2. This accessible guide by voice coach and NLP trainer Judy Apps, is a fascinating mind-body approach to finding your authentic voice and expressing yourself with integrity, presence and passion.

    Grounded in straightforward technical expertise, packed with activities and tips, it offers insight and practical advice also on transforming limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to change forever your public speaking, your training, coaching and even your personal conversations.

    Highly recommended for anyone wanting to be more confident, inspiring, effective and more fully themselves in their communication.
  3. Reading this book was a sheer delight. Judys book offers us a profound and compelling message about how our voice links our inner and outer worlds. This message is set out with such a light touch that as we are invited into a world of breath, of voice, of emotion and intention alongside excellent technical information, tips and how twos, an irresistible combination.

    As someone who has been aware of the sound of my own and others voices for many years, I come from a family who love to sing, I am aware that the sound and the"feel, of ones voice can be both revealing and engaging. Breath and voice connect what is happening in our inner world, consciously and unconsciously with how we are in the external public part of our life. Judy tells us why this is so and opens up the possibility to be active and intentional in engaging with our voice, improving and changing our voice, while at the same time remaining true to who we are in the world.
  4. Judy Apps provides a generous range of insights about breath, the body and the voice which are essential yet often neglected aspects of the art of communication.

    Full of practical tips, this book demonstrates how you can enhance your ability to speak confidently and authentically in a public setting” whether one-to-one or in front of a large audience.

    In her clear and friendly style, Judy uses practical exercises and stories to explain how to develop greater control over your voice. By focusing on your breathing, and your whole body state, the kind of sounds you make will express who you are more authentically, so that other people will not only listen to you, but take notice of what you have to say.

    The voice is far more than aneutral conveyer of messages. As you attune your ears to how someones voice sounds, youll be picking up far more information about them: their internal state, their attitude, the degree to which they are present, and so on” factors which influence the meaning you make of their communication.
  5. A thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read that mixes practical advice and easy to follow exercises with deep insight. In this book Judy conveys how our voice is a gift to be treasured and celebrated.

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