Product reviews for Perfect Assessment for Learning

Linda Dawson, Deputy Headteacher, The Bemrose School, Derby
Claire's book provides us with a very thorough and clear explanation of AfL and puts it well and truly at the heart of school improvement in terms of developing outstanding teaching and learning. Perfect Assessment for Learning is full of practical, fun and imaginative ways of engaging students and teachers in the learning process. The -˜top tips' sections are bursting with a wide range of strategies which are easy to implement and establish as routine practice in the classroom.
What is very striking about the book is how important the relationship between the teacher and the learner is. Knowing precisely where our strengths and weaknesses lie as teachers and learners is so important and the more we know in this respect I believe the better the learning and progress will be. I particularly liked the suggestion that effective feedback should be two- way. Asking the students to feedback more regularly on my teaching will be something that I will definitely try, I think I might call it -˜knowing me, knowing you'.
I am sure that anyone who is interested in improving learning in their classrooms and schools will find this a stimulating, practical and very effective resource.

Guest | 15/11/2012 00:00
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