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Mo Laycock OBE, former Head Teacher (1995-2010), Firth Park Community Arts College, Sheffield
This is an excellent and practical book which should be readily available for use by all staff in schools. In particular, senior managers and the teaching and learning coaches team. Used well Claire Gadsby's practical ideas should enhance teaching and learning.

Assessment for learning as Claire describes it should be like a -˜golden thread', pulling together effective lesson planning, clear objectives, chunking up the lesson tasks, and ending with an in depth plenary. This consistency across the school is what ultimately moves a school from good to outstanding. Assessment for learning is not an add on or something a teacher embraces when being observed. Indeed prior to being given this label, A for L was what all good teachers did naturally to check on learning. Formalising A for L consistently across a school and using some of Claire's many and various ideas to embed good practice will make a difference to learning outcomes. The opportunities for students to reflect on their learning in pairs, groups, as individuals to help capture and reinforce learning should not be missed.
Used well A for L should underpin the school ethos and practice, being used not just in classrooms but in assemblies, pastoral meetings, corridor conversations and as part of ' restorative justice' approaches.

Claire gives readers opportunities to consider where the school is in respect of A for L as well as some great ideas and pedagogical tips in relation to embedding good learning.

This book should not be on a shelf in school libraries but on the desk of every teacher.
Guest | 28/11/2012 00:00
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