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Paul Spenceley, Lead Practitioner for Assessment for Learning, The Rochester Grammar School
Dylan Wiliam once said, on feedback to students, that it should -˜make students think'. So too should any book aimed at teachers, and this one certainly does. It summarises the key research on AfL into the simplest of points, and uses these to explain simply how teachers can change their style of teaching to make AfL an integral part of their lessons, and how schools can put AfL central to student progress.

Much more than just a collections of AfL ideas to -˜add' to lessons. This book highlights the importance of AfL being central to teaching. Using key research points sensibly and clearly, along side practical tips for developing AfL at a whole school and classroom level.

Demystifies the key research behind AfL, by simplifying the key facts. Makes the reader realise that AfL is not something you can add to lessons, but a way of teaching. Full of clear and simple ideas for putting AfL at the centre of lessons, and whole school policies.

AfL isn't what you do, it's how you do it. This book makes that abundantly clear. Summarising the key points of the latest research in the area, to suggest simple, everyday, changes to lessons and school policies, to make AfL central to student progress.

Guest | 26/02/2013 00:00
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