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Anthony Lowey, English teacher and Progress Leader, Stratford upon Avon School
Given that a need to make learning memorable is integral to effective teaching, Caroline Bentley-Davies' Sticky Teaching and Learning is important reading for new and experienced teachers alike. It is, in fact, a comprehensive manual, offering structured guidance on all aspects of classroom practice -“ from creating a purposeful environment, to effective planning, questioning, feedback, mindset, and more. Her tone will be familiar to anyone who has had the opportunity to work with her in her capacity as an adviser, combining as it does the authority which comes from meticulous research and plenty of experience in the classroom, as well as a very real appreciation of the challenges faced by both students and teachers.

Challenge for all and engagement are key themes, alongside a conviction that students must play an active role in their learning. Caroline's guidance is invariably pragmatic and considered, and her -˜Thinking points' encourage the reader to reflect open-mindedly and critically on the research and case studies which underpin her arguments. What will most appeal to the busy teacher, however, are the many easily digestible takeaways which she offers along the way, such as the six steps for successful peer assessment, or her tips for creating a classroom environment that promotes independence. In fact, at the heart of this book lies a desire to maximise opportunities for learning by helping teachers to work -“ and teach -“ smarter. Moreover, the compendium of 50 varied, practical strategies for sticky learning -“ which constitute the substantial final section of the book -“ will ensure that this becomes a go-to resource for teachers looking to revitalise their teaching toolkit.

As students and their teachers emerge from the trials of lockdown, more acutely aware than ever that every minute in the classroom is precious, Sticky Teaching and Learning offers a timely shot in the arm.
Guest | 20/05/2021 01:00
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