Sticky Teaching and Learning

How to make your students remember what you teach them

By: Caroline Bentley-Davies


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Size: 222mm x 182mm
Pages : 208
ISBN : 9781785835353
Format: Paperback
Published: June 2021

Written by Caroline Bentley-Davies, Sticky Teaching and Learning: How to make your students remember what you teach them provides busy teachers with a toolkit of practical techniques designed to make learning as sticky' as possible for their students.

During her work as a teacher trainer and revision expert, Caroline Bentley-Davies noticed that educators are clamouring for guidance on how to help their students remember the content covered in their lessons.

In this book, Caroline answers that call by identifying the teaching techniques that contribute most effectively to long-term learning. She then sets out how to deliver content in such a way that it stays in pupils' memories for longer and leads to greater independence and better exam performance.

Underpinned by a blend of research and theory, the tried-and-tested approaches are closely tied to classroom realities that will be familiar to all teachers. She delves into the role of planning as an important foundation for achieving long-term retention and improved recall on the part of students, and also shares guidance on how to secure maximum participation – so that there are no passengers sitting on the sidelines of the lesson.

Caroline also shares a toolkit of 50 engaging, tried-and-tested strategies designed to help teachers ensure that their students remember what they teach them – and, throughout the book, she provides thinking points and actions to encourage teachers' reflections upon their own classroom practice.

Suitable for all teachers and senior leaders looking to improve their pupils' learning and attainment.

Picture for author Caroline Bentley-Davies

Caroline Bentley-Davies

Caroline Bentley-Davies is an adviser, consultant and coach for teachers and school leaders. She runs training and observes lessons across the UK and overseas. She has trained thousands of teachers and is the author of many bestselling books, including How to be an Amazing Teacher and How to be an Amazing Middle Leader.


  1. In this engaging and relevant book, Caroline Bentley-Davies presents the reader with a wide range of practical, well-structured and techniques designed to enhance recall, retention and retrieval. The all-embracing toolkit of strategies pinpoints key methods to help generate learners’ enthusiasm and boost their desire to know more.

    This is an excellently structured text with stimulating and thought-provoking ‘thinking point’ sections within each chapter. Readers may well find the thinking points as good starters for discussion for short, targeted departmental CPD sessions.

    Caroline’s strategies will bring learning to life for learners at all levels, and her book will be particularly useful in schools and colleges as students return to the normality of group learning after the coronavirus lockdowns. In addition, it will provide an excellent framework for promoting ‘catch up’ programmes while also supporting the regeneration of teachers’ enthusiasm.

  2. Sticky Teaching and Learning is a great read. It explains the best techniques with which to motivate students, which in turn will improve their confidence and help make them better learners. Some may mistakenly think that it is simply a book of lesson ideas and activities to take and use in the classroom. However, Caroline also uses theoretical and methodological concepts backed up with examples from teachers to describe powerful ways of increasing rigour, boosting self-esteem and encouraging aspirational learners.

    It will be of most interest and use to all teachers, regardless of their subject area.
  3. Given that a need to make learning memorable is integral to effective teaching, Caroline Bentley-Davies' Sticky Teaching and Learning is important reading for new and experienced teachers alike. It is, in fact, a comprehensive manual, offering structured guidance on all aspects of classroom practice - from creating a purposeful environment, to effective planning, questioning, feedback, mindset, and more. Her tone will be familiar to anyone who has had the opportunity to work with her in her capacity as an adviser, combining as it does the authority which comes from meticulous research and plenty of experience in the classroom, as well as a very real appreciation of the challenges faced by both students and teachers.

    Challenge for all and engagement are key themes, alongside a conviction that students must play an active role in their learning. Caroline's guidance is invariably pragmatic and considered, and her 'Thinking points' encourage the reader to reflect open-mindedly and critically on the research and case studies which underpin her arguments. What will most appeal to the busy teacher, however, are the many easily digestible takeaways which she offers along the way, such as the six steps for successful peer assessment, or her tips for creating a classroom environment that promotes independence. In fact, at the heart of this book lies a desire to maximise opportunities for learning by helping teachers to work - and teach - smarter. Moreover, the compendium of 50 varied, practical strategies for sticky learning - which constitute the substantial final section of the book - will ensure that this becomes a go-to resource for teachers looking to revitalise their teaching toolkit.

    As students and their teachers emerge from the trials of lockdown, more acutely aware than ever that every minute in the classroom is precious, Sticky Teaching and Learning offers a timely shot in the arm.

  4. Sticky Teaching and Learning is incredibly inspiring. It uses examples from teachers to offer some really powerful ways of increasing pupils' motivation, boosting their self-esteem and encouraging them to be aspirational in their learning. A whole-school CPD package in one book.
  5. In a time of real concern over 'lost learning' due to the enforced lockdowns and school closures of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sticky Teaching and Learning is the toolkit we have all been waiting for. It draws on a range of engaging examples, current educational research and theories and a range of effective practices to really make the reader think about how to engage pupils as active participants in their learning.

    Making the precious curriculum content we have delivered stick is the thing we all crave - and this book presents practical and accessible strategies in a really readable format to enable us, as teachers, to do just that.

  6. In Sticky Teaching and Learning, Caroline Bentley-Davies shares her experience of teaching and promotes the autonomy, independence and rights of children to be learners. She shares with teachers a range of approaches for keeping learning alive and for encouraging pupils to be brave in their learning while nurturing a healthy self-reliance. Caroline encourages both children and staff to not fear imperfections or incorrect answers, but rather to see them as part of the perfection of the art of learning. Such a mindset brings benefits to staff who model behaviours as lifelong learners, thus creating a class climate where all can flourish. The book also offers a wealth of evidence-based research and a comprehensive bibliography which will support further study.
  7. Caroline's non-patronising explanations outline key ideas with clarity, bringing the concept of sticky teaching and learning to life. She also offers thoughtful reflection points throughout, encouraging teachers to ask questions of their own practice. Her helpful toolkit also offers practical, evidence-based strategies to help challenge and support students.
  8. In this book, Caroline has captured the essence of making teaching memorable with plenty of great ideas for the new teacher as well as those looking for new approaches to top up their toolkit. A well thought-out, research-informed and realistic addition to the professional library.
  9. Sticky Teaching and Learning offers an excellent blend of theory and practice. Its research-informed content is supported by case studies and examples which illustrate how to embed the strategies that Caroline shares into your practice immediately. The book offers a smorgasbord of quick wins for newly qualified and experienced teachers alike, and the ready-to-use toolkit of 50 techniques makes this easy to implement too. Caroline's conversational tone also encourages professional reflection and development, as reading it feels a bit like chatting with a teaching guru over a coffee.
  10. Packed full with relevant, relatable and realistic classroom ideas, Caroline's book is accessible, engaging and perfect for the busy classroom teacher. I love the concept of sticky teaching, as it offers a refreshing take on teaching and pedagogy. I will, without a doubt, be using these strategies in my own lessons.
  11. Sticky Teaching and Learning is essential reading for all teachers who want to make their lessons and learning as sticky as possible. Perfect for the time-pressed teacher who wants useful and practical techniques to make the learning stick, the book shares a wealth of successful pupil-tested classroom strategies that are underpinned by both research and background philosophy. Each sticky strategy also comes with a clear and concise explanation of what to do and why it works. Caroline shows you how to make what you teach really stick, and guides you through planning, questioning, review and assessment - to help your students to become more resilient and effective learners.

  12. After attending Caroline's course on sticky teaching, I was delighted at the prospect of having a handbook containing her words of wisdom and guidance. Caroline truly understands the struggles that both pupils and teachers have with consolidating knowledge and effectively improving learning. The practical ideas that feature in this book have been useful and beneficial for all the pupils I teach. They allow you to have fun with teaching, but you are also reassured that they aren't there just to tick boxes during a formal observation so that the lesson looks 'good' - they actually do benefit the pupils. Caroline's focus on metacognition lends itself well to a range of easy-to-use techniques, which will help pupils with their learning throughout their education and beyond. Her strategies have really changed the dynamic in my classroom. The love for learning has returned!

  13. Sticky Teaching and Learning is for all those teachers who have taught a great lesson on Monday, yet, by Tuesday, their pupils' knowledge appears to have simply evaporated overnight. Throughout the book, Caroline Bentley-Davies provides startling insights and thoughtful perspectives on evidence-based techniques for improving retention and recall and securing learning by locking knowledge into the long-term memory bank so that pupils' learning lingers. Furthermore, Caroline's voice is wonderfully energetic, engaging and mercifully free of educational gabble. Needless to say, this book really stuck with me!

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