Product reviews for Sticky Teaching and Learning

Naomi Boyd, Head of Upper Sixth, Emanuel School
After attending Caroline's course on sticky teaching, I was delighted at the prospect of having a handbook containing her words of wisdom and guidance. Caroline truly understands the struggles that both pupils and teachers have with consolidating knowledge and effectively improving learning. The practical ideas that feature in this book have been useful and beneficial for all the pupils I teach. They allow you to have fun with teaching, but you are also reassured that they aren't there just to tick boxes during a formal observation so that the lesson looks -˜good' -“ they actually do benefit the pupils. Caroline's focus on metacognition lends itself well to a range of easy-to-use techniques, which will help pupils with their learning throughout their education and beyond. Her strategies have really changed the dynamic in my classroom. The love for learning has returned!
Guest | 20/05/2021 01:00
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