Product reviews for The (Practically) Perfect Teacher

Teach Secondary Magazine, February 2014
How do we help children become the best versions o(themselves they can be? By putting every effort into ensuring that we are the best teachers that we can be, says Jackie Beere. Of course, no one can be 'perfect' - but if we constantly reflect on our own practice, remain open to learning and Change, and never forget why we entered the profession in the first place, then we stand a good chance of being the kind of educator who genuinely makes a difference to young people's futures. This isn't a revolutionary book; its aim is not to restructure the system, but rather, to enable those working within the system (whatever it looks like) to avoid being crushed by external and political pressures - trusting always in their own motivations and abilities. It's packed with sound advice and practical suggestions for the classroom and beyond, all delivered with Jackie's customary combination of wisdom, experience and irresistible positivity.
Guest | 25/02/2014 00:00
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