The (Practically) Perfect Teacher

By: Jackie Beere MBA OBE


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Size: 194 x 140mm
Pages : 240
ISBN : 9781781352526
Format: Paperback
Published: November 2014

The Perfect Teacher presents a pragmatic, practical guide to help you grow and flourish so that you can become the outstanding teacher who makes the difference between success and failure for the next generation. Expectations are high, time is short – prepare to be challenged and supported to be the best you can be.

This book will inspire teachers to sustain their enthusiasm and passion for teaching. It demonstrates how to develop the habits of independent learning for all pupils and provides practical strategies to deliver outstanding learning that can be used and adapted for every age group or ability in all classrooms and includes developing pupils who respond to feedback and make good progress.

The Perfect Teacher is vital reading for all teachers and school leaders who wish to make an impact on the learning and progress in their school. It is based on research (Hattie and Dweck) that shows the most important factor in the achievement of pupils is the mindset of the teacher - this book aims to grow that mindset. It shares great practice that works for all different types of teachers to deliver outstanding learning and engage all learners and champions children and teachers as learners but is also rooted in the latest Ofsted framework.

Picture for author Jackie Beere MBA OBE

Jackie Beere MBA OBE

Jackie Beere, OBE is an Independent Thinking Associate who worked as a newspaper journalist before embarking on a career in teaching and school leadership. She was awarded an OBE in 2002 for developing innovative learning programmes and is the author of several bestselling books on teaching, learning and coaching. Since 2006, Jackie has been offering training in the latest strategies for learning, developing emotionally intelligent leadership and cultivating a growth mindset.

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  1. In The Perfect Teacher, Jackie Beere talks about embedding the seven habits of highly effective teachers: self-management, reflective practice, flexibility, optimism, empathy, courage and resilience and collaboration.

    She sensibly talks about being “the very best teacher you can be” and points out that our mindset is the key driver of our teaching identity because “the way you think makes you the teacher that you are.”

    To be a perfect teacher is all down to being purposeful and internalising seven mindsets:

    Mindset 1: Self-evaluate

    Mindset 2: Believe you can make a difference

    Mindset 3: Learning to be curious about learning

    Mindset 4: Know that feedback is the breakfast of champions

    Mindset 5: Expect more of pupils

    Mindset 6: Collaborate to grow

    Mindset 7: Use a language of learning

    Jackie goes into detail about these mindsets and offers plenty of top tips along the way. She then devotes further chapters to creating a rapport for learning, what excellent and interesting practice looks like and how to sustain your passion and purpose.

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  2. Evidently mainly for new and relatively new teachers; not specifically for language teachers. Somewhat UK referenced; e.g., one of the five appendices summarizes official criteria in the UK for judging teaching and individual lessons. The author has intended to point “the way along that eternal learning journey to be the very best you can be - so that you can help your pupils be the very best they can be” (p. 3). Upbeat, readable, practical, non-academic in style.
  3. How do we help children become the best versions o(themselves they can be? By putting every effort into ensuring that we are the best teachers that we can be, says Jackie Beere. Of course, no one can be 'perfect' - but if we constantly reflect on our own practice, remain open to learning and Change, and never forget why we entered the profession in the first place, then we stand a good chance of being the kind of educator who genuinely makes a difference to young people's futures. This isn't a revolutionary book; its aim is not to restructure the system, but rather, to enable those working within the system (whatever it looks like) to avoid being crushed by external and political pressures - trusting always in their own motivations and abilities. It's packed with sound advice and practical suggestions for the classroom and beyond, all delivered with Jackie's customary combination of wisdom, experience and irresistible positivity.
  4. The `practically` Perfect Teacher is a brilliant consolidation of the very best practice in learning and teaching today. Written in a totally engaging and personal style which draws you into the book, in exactly the same way that a great school lesson would compel you to learn, it's an essential read for any teacher or leader. Containing the very latest in research and strategy, but more than that it provides the blueprint for outstanding practice and exceptional outcomes from pupils. As well as everything you'd want to know about what makes an outstanding pupil learning experience, it's closely linked to the Ofsted agenda. It also provides the often forgotten wisdom, that ensures that you can function as a compassionate human being and lead a life beyond school too, with its seven habits of highly effective teachers and invaluable checklists.

    If poetry is the best words in the best order then this book is the poetry of classroom practice. I highly recommend it to you not only as an operating manual for exceptional teaching but also as an inspirational serotonin-booster of a read
  5. The main aim of any teacher is to support pupils to be the very best they can be. The perfect teacher aims to consider how to be the very best teacher you can be, not just for the inspectors or your line manager, but for your pupils -” because there is nothing better than delivering great lessons that inspire them. Helping youngsters, for whom you may be the only hope, to develop a motivation to learn and encouraging them to experience the excitement of achieving great results is life changing stuff and worth getting up for.

    Awarded an OBE for her services to education, Jackie Beere has crafted together an engaging book with four detailed chapters full of principles which can be applied to those tasked with developing an understanding and knowledge in others. Supporting this, the book includes other useful resources which help teachers measure their -˜growth mindset health check', a -˜tracking tool for performance management', and other assessment tools, including a pupil self assessment table for writing.

    Beere found inspiration from a speech given by J. K. Rowling, where she spoke of strength and resilience created by failures and surviving adversity:

    Failure gave me an inner security that I had never attained by passing examinations. Failure taught me things about myself that I could have learned no other way.*

    Drawing a lot on John Hattie's work, the first chapter asks that teachers frame your own mind, to think on purpose. Exploring seven carefully considered mindsets, becoming the bedrock of your practice, Beere challenges authors to reflect on their teaching styles improving self confidence in your own abilities, and that of your pupils.

    Creating rapport for learning is essential, Beere argues, as nothing is more important than the relationships your build with your classes -” we are reminded never to underestimate the effect you have on your pupils. The relationships built couldn't be more important to maximise progress made by pupils.

    Literacy, and literacy skills, are vital, with Beere advocating that these are core skills and should be taught and modelled in every lesson and every subject. With the inclusion of a handy action-list within the book, the crux of the message is to inspire by being inspiring -” challenge and feedback, but also to work beyond comfort zones.

    The book concludes with a call that teachers sustain their passion and purpose -” never stop learning! Quite rightly, the book supports teachers embracing digital technology and social media; collaborate with others, and; coaching yourself and others to thrive in adversity. Never give up trying to make a difference, Beere concludes, as what teachers do in classrooms will help learners grow into creative, adaptable, industrious and caring people. Teachers are in a privileged position, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we “be the change you want to see”, especially when faced with all the changes the education system throws at teachers.

    Our opinion: A nicely written, digestible book that helps and inspires teachers -” perhaps reminding some people of the reasons they started on the career path of teaching. Beere reminds us the importance of the job undertaken by teachers, with key reminders of main habits of being an effective teacher.
  6. Jackie Beere has the great skill of making links between some complex ideas of research and theory and the practical reality of daily life in the classroom. Her book resonates with images that teachers will recognise as things that happen with pupils in the everyday quest for learning. She offers step by step advice and suggestions that are tailored in a way that can be used tomorrow. The advice is built upon sound research that is explained and grounded to make it accessible. This wisdom is then trained on the pressures that teachers find themselves under and the excitement of the job.
    Jackie has produced an engaging book, full of a passionate belief in the satisfaction to be gained from the professional job of teaching. The book oozes with sense, techniques to try and the joy of seeing young people learning.

  7. In an ever-changing educational context, -˜The Perfect Teacher' passionately inspires and energises by explicitly highlighting the key habits of an effective teacher. Through her reader-friendly style, Jackie Beere enables the reader to combine the notions of self-belief and a fervent desire to succeed along with a child-centred approach to provide practical strategies for all teachers seeking to deliver impact and make a positive difference to the lives of children!
  8. After reading 'The Perfect Teacher' I can't wait to try out some of Jackie's ideas! I believe as teachers we are always striving to be the very best we can but are never satisfied with any of our achievements - always feeling we can do that bit better. Hopefully with the advice and guidance from this book we can ultimately achieve our goal.
  9. I am so pleased to have read this uplifting book which reminded me that I have the best job in the world! A term of teaching can leave you feeling weary, stressed out and counting the 'wake-ups' until the next break. However after reading this book, I could not wait to get back into class to try out some new techniques, ideas and 'Mindset Tweaks'.

    I have already implemented the '3B4ME' and my class Suggestions Board is teeming with feedback from pupils who are taking control of their own learning. I had a smile on my face all day long when a usually reticent pupil excitedly filled in a post-it note for the 'Suggestions Board' and explained a starter activity which he had devised to improve our learning!

    I feel I am being a lot more honest with my pupils, explaining that the 'Learning Zone' is not a 'Comfort Zone' but will be challenging, frustrating and even painful at times. My class are also embracing more fully the concept that every mistake is a learning experience.

    This book has encouraged me to reflect more honestly on my teaching, but not to beat myself up when something hasn't gone to plan. Instead, I am embracing the fact that there is no such thing as failure, only a part of the journey towards success!
  10. From a headteacher who absolutely loves their job!

    The book is packed with honest, down to earth ways we can all make the learning journey of young people more worthwhile and memorable. From theory which challenges long held beliefs; to classroom practice ideas that reinforce what is expected of outstanding teachers. The book is bound to stimulate staff room debate and motivate teachers to reflect on their practice. Nothing the book suggests is budget breaking or beyond the reach of any school, and we will certainly be using most of the teaching strategies and ideas suggested. In fact we can't wait to get started!

    I found it really easy to read - quite a page turner ~ as a true lifelong learner I wanted to find out more!

    Much of the book reaffirms my beliefs about teaching, however, every chapter has those 'little gems' that can make a huge difference to any school. I will certainly put it on the essential reading list of every teacher in my school. As always, Jackie's top tips are superb -school improvement ideas in a nutshell.
  11. A concise and engaging book which focuses on the teacher and their impact on students. This is a book which explores why teachers teach and how this can improve how they teach. This is a book for anyone involved in education, though many of the examples have a school context the principles apply to all those tasked with developing understanding and knowledge in others. This book is ideal experienced teachers seeking motivation, re-invigoration or simply a fresh perspective but may also prove highly beneficial for those seeking pearls of wisdom at the start of their career.

    Drawing on a wealth of experience and research the author outlines a framework for continual self development, driven not by external quality procedures but a desire to maximize the achievement and personal development of the students. The book includes practises and rituals to develop student focused teachers driven by feedback in which the teacher is reflective, adaptive and innovative. There is a strong focus on the student as a partner in the educational process influencing their teaching though feedback, engaging with the teacher and their peers to develop both academically and as an individual. As a university lecturer I see the development students as independent learners, who are engaged and enthusiastic about education as an essential component of teaching.
  12. At a time when the pressure on teachers is greater than it ever has been, Jackie reminds us why we chose this wonderful profession and of the enormous difference we can make to the lives of the children we teach. Not only is this book packed with practical ideas that you can apply in your classroom immediately, it will also challenge you to step back and take a much closer look at the unconscious habits, attitudes and values that ultimately determine how effective you are as a teacher.

    Whilst there is no guarantee that reading this book will make you the 'perfect teacher', it will certainly help you to become the best teacher you can possibly be and who can ask for more than that?
  13. Jackie is forever inspiring, both in how she presents and in what she has to say. I think this book is her best yet! It's an amazing book. Normally education based books can be dry and uninspiring. This book however, is very well written and presented. I could not put it down! The book is a concise approach to quality first teaching and learning, with a huge emphasis on the learning. It is great how it reflects on OFSTED and the criteria for good learning. It's a must read for all teachers old and new! I certainly will be ordering copies for my staff!
  14. This is the third of Jackie's books I have read, she continues to summarise a complex profession, whilst allowing for the necessary individual approach, in a short helpful and easy to read form. There is a danger with any book that claims to help someone become the perfect teacher that the advice will be patronising, impractical and easily misunderstood. Jackie overcomes all these hurdles by ensuring an up to date knowledge of the demands of teaching through practical involvement and extensive research. At no point does Jackie take it for granted that teachers have excess time for preparation as all hints and tips are quick to read and translate into the classroom. This books is for any teacher, whatever their experience and subject, there is genuinely something new and useful to help every lesson progress with high levels of pupil engagement and challenge.

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