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John Dabell,
In The Perfect Teacher, Jackie Beere talks about embedding the seven habits of highly effective teachers: self-management, reflective practice, flexibility, optimism, empathy, courage and resilience and collaboration.

She sensibly talks about being “the very best teacher you can be” and points out that our mindset is the key driver of our teaching identity because “the way you think makes you the teacher that you are.”

To be a perfect teacher is all down to being purposeful and internalising seven mindsets:

Mindset 1: Self-evaluate

Mindset 2: Believe you can make a difference

Mindset 3: Learning to be curious about learning

Mindset 4: Know that feedback is the breakfast of champions

Mindset 5: Expect more of pupils

Mindset 6: Collaborate to grow

Mindset 7: Use a language of learning

Jackie goes into detail about these mindsets and offers plenty of top tips along the way. She then devotes further chapters to creating a rapport for learning, what excellent and interesting practice looks like and how to sustain your passion and purpose.

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Guest | 16/03/2017 00:00
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