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Dr Dirke A. de Villiers, educational psychologist, BWRT practitioner, and founder of MindScienceWorx

This is a thorough, creatively composed and eminently practical book. Created from a combination of years of dedicated training and personal experience in practice, this book demonstrates the author’s excellent understanding of the uniqueness and complexity of each person and offers the reader a perfectly constructed springboard from which to execute their own individual therapeutic delivery.

Terence is the acknowledged expert on the use of BWRT therapy and his many years of experience are shared and reflected in the information, protocols and beautifully crafted examples provided. 


This is a totally accessible book, written with an ongoing passion and sensitivity for the needs of the reader. It is written flexibly and avoids the unnecessary use of technical language wherever possible. Terence’s enthusiastic, compassionate and affirming voice comes through in his writing. The framing of the text, the helpful strategies and the extracts of the salient points of each chapter provide a unique depth to the book, which makes it a valuable resource and a must-read.

Bethan | 14/02/2022 22:03
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