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Dr Elisa Mecco, clinical psychologist and BWRT practitioner

Terence Watts is a genius. If you have read any of his other self-help books, you probably already know this. Although he is not formally a psychologist, but a therapist, he has a more extended and deep knowledge of psychology than most qualified psychologists.

His amazing invention, BWRT, has changed the world of therapy. I am a clinical psychologist and I have practiced for over 40 years, in different countries, using different approaches to therapy. Since I added BWRT to my toolkit, I haven’t looked back. The results achieved are unbelievable and took me by surprise at the beginning. The results are also pretty quick to achieve and are permanent. 

BWRT is solidly based on science and evolutionary biology. It takes into consideration the converging of multiple psychological schools of thought and brilliantly integrates them with neuroscience – producing a completely new and unique process that ensures these stunning results. BWRT is uniquely adapted to the specific client and the specific way their brain and mind work – and this book does an excellent job at making it easily available for self-help. If the added benefits of having someone external, impartial and competent guiding you are not present, a significant adaptation of the preparation and conclusion work has been performed in order to get the best results when using it as a self-help method. After my training, I successfully used BWRT on myself on a number of occasions, so I can testify that it is possible and effective. 

The BWRT method explained in the book is extremely user-friendly and highly effective. I am greatly impressed with how much this book offers to readers. It is a worthy read for anyone, including BWRT professionals!

Bethan | 14/02/2022 22:03
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