Product reviews for BWRT®

Gillian Sinclair, BWRT practitioner, trainer and supervisor

I was lucky enough to be on the first training course for BWRT, in which Terence said it would be a useful tool to have in our therapist toolkits. It was clear after using it with clients that this was no ordinary tool; this was something really special. It was a therapists’ gift, to know you had a therapy that would enable a client to start to feel better after just one session – and this also gave hope to the client that they could make the changes they were looking for to help them attain their goals. It has been a fascinating journey so far, knowing that BWRT can and will continue to go from strength to strength as more people discover just how much it can help them. The exercises in this book will show you just how powerful your mind is and just what you can achieve when you work in harmony with your mind and body. Enjoy discovering the different ways BWRT can work for you, along with the amazing changes you will make.

Bethan | 14/02/2022 22:05
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