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Professor Kathryn Anne Nel, PhD, Research Associate, University of Limpopo, and counselling psychologist

Terence Watts’ self-therapy book is not just a self-help tome; it is a mind-changing one. The book gives people an easy-to-access understanding of how they can boost their self-worth, banish phobias and anxieties, enhance performance – and it also addresses a myriad of other mental health issues. He argues that BWRT, although a new therapy, has had outstanding results as it ‘disables’ the problem at its source, the brain. Focusing on understanding the process and how to accomplish results, the book relies on people’s own inherent abilities to access their brain’s innate ability to replace the problem with a new ‘script’: one that defuses subconscious stressors.

He describes brain processes which show how our anxieties are triggered and suggests that people don’t have a free will but do have a free won’t. In other words, we can learn to be ourselves rather than stay stuck in the same negative patterns that keep us from becoming our best selves. 

Further, the way BWRT works is explained. It is the only therapy that breaches the gap between cognitions and the oldest part of the brain, and Watts describes how BWRT uses ‘natural brainwork’ to fix any problems. The exercises or protocols provided follow a logical procedure so that people can create a new version of themselves. 

As the book progresses, the reader becomes aware of how innovative and transformative the therapy is. For instance, it covers areas such as sex and sexuality in a true-life way that addresses particular needs. It helps people understand that the way they are is not necessarily the way they have to be, as their brains can accommodate major changes. 

Watts discusses life challenges that people have in an empathic and sensitive manner. He shows how people can change their own destiny through, among other things, boosting their own self-worth. It is a compelling read – and a must-read – for all of us after the deprivations and challenges we have endured during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some challenges may need professional help, which is covered at the end of the book; thus, no stone is left unturned. 

The book is a groundbreaking work from a true visionary. It is commendable that Watts has shared his pioneering work as there is no doubt that BWRT will have a far-reaching and indelible impact on mental health and well-being worldwide. 

Bethan | 14/02/2022 22:05
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