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Dr Tony Fitzgerald, PhD, founder of Predicting Better 

Terence Watts is a gifted innovator whose remarkable BWRT technique is transforming lives. With this book he makes this powerful approach available so that you can overcome your biggest challenges – from self-worth to fears, phobias, anxiety and more. The book truly contains the possibility to change your life in deep and profound ways with a simplicity and depth never before possible. Terence guides you confidently through the practical exercises with clarity using his many decades of experience as a therapist. His writing is clear and accessible and you can feel his warmth and knowledge shining through every page. Each chapter reveals gems that will help you understand what’s been upsetting you for years and allow you to dissolve your issue smoothly and quickly in a way that just might surprise you. 

Bethan | 14/02/2022 22:15
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