Product reviews for The Distracted Couple

Scott Browning, PhD, Professor, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, author of Stepfamily Therapy
Drs. Maucieri and Carlson have edited a volume that expands the understanding of ADHD. While other books have begun to discuss the relational issues confronting couples, this book covers every angle. The Distracted Couple starts with the DSM-5, and quickly moves into how adult ADHD is exhibited in treatment. Rather than concentrate only on the majority population, this volume clarifies the disorder with African-American couples and same sex couples. The specific issues that arise for women with ADHD are also beautifully connected to relational issues. Finally, this book rounds out its couple's focus by directly discussing the effect of ADHD on financial management. Clearly, this book serves as a necessary reference for a comprehensive understanding of ADHD and its effect on the relationships.
Guest | 15/01/2014 00:00
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