The Distracted Couple

The impact of ADHD on adult relationships

By: Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, ABPP , Larry Maucieri, PhD


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Size: 234 x 156mm
Pages : 368
ISBN : 9781845908775
Format: Paperback
Published: January 2014

Edited by Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, ABPP and Larry Maucieri, PhD.

The Distracted Couple identifies the aspects of adult ADHD that impact marriages and relationships, and provides a number of interventions, strategies and treatments to effectively address these challenges.

    • The first section covers an overview of evolving diagnoses; how ADHD impacts marital dysfunction; the impact of Executive Functioning Weaknesses; and a one-on-one interview with a known expert in the field focusing on the impact of ADHD in couples.
    • In section two the editors focus on diverse and less recognized populations such as African-American couples, women with ADHD and same-sex couples.
    • Section three includes a section on working with couples with ADHD and emphasizes treatment protocols and solutions to problems in couples.

In total, this volume addresses many of the issues that couples face when either one or both partners has ADHD and the many ways that clinicians can help them in dealing with these issues.

Although historically the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD have focused on children, more recently clinicians and researchers have explored the impact of ADHD on adults. Few, however, have focused on the effects of adult ADHD on relationships and marriages, which makes this a must-read for all of those interested in and working with adults with ADHD.

Picture for author Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, ABPP

Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, ABPP

Jon Carlson, Psy.D., Ed.D. ABPP was a Distinguished Professor of Adlerian Psychology at Adler University, Chicago, Illinois and a psychologist with the Wellness Clinic in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Jon authored over 60 books in many areas including psychotherapy, family therapy, marital enrichment, consultation, loneliness and Adlerian psychology. He also produced over 300 videos featuring the world's best therapists.

Picture for author Larry Maucieri, PhD

Larry Maucieri, PhD

Larry Maucieri, PhD, ABPP-CN is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling at Governors State University and an affiliate clinical neuropsychologist at the Family Institute at Northwestern University.


  1. A treasure trove of clinical facts, pearls of wisdom, and theories sure to enrich, inform, and energize the practice of anyone who works with couples. Still vastly under-diagnosed, ADHD in adults can ruin a marriage and the lives involved in it. The rare thera pist who can diagnose the adult ADHD can save that marriage and with it the lives it touches. A unique book, written by a wide range of gifted clinicians, The Distracted Couple is a gem, indispensable for all who work in the field. Highly recommended!
  2. Larry Maucieri and Jon Carlson have provided a vitally needed resource dealing with a crucial topic-a comprehensive guide to ADHD in couples. Chapters cogently describe such crucial topics as how to recognize ADHD, the role of executive functioning, ADHD in couples from diverse cultures, and ADHD in women, as well as how to work with ADHD in couple therapy. This book should be essential reading both for couple therapists and for those who work with those with attention deficit disorders.
  3. This book explores the fascinating crossroads between ADHD and romantic relationships. Whether you work with couples or are just curious about how ADHD symptoms play out in relationships, you'll find Maucieri and Carlson's edited volume both intellectually stimulating and highly practical. Most importantly, reading this book will give you greater empathic understanding of the struggles that ADHD symptoms can cause in couple relationships.
  4. A refreshing and empathic look into how ADHD manifests itself into relationships. The editors take the “disorder” out of the distraction by providing messages of hope, as well as focusing on how couples can adapt and strengthen their relationships amidst overwhelming distractions. An invaluable resource for both clinicians and couples!
  5. The Distracted Couple is much more than a commentary on ADHD and couples. It is more a journey into our own potential signs of imperfection referred to as ADHD. This is not just a book on ADHD but is in so many ways cutting edge research on the topic and treatment strategies that could and can be used in a number of different settings including therapy, parenting, coaching, teaching, and for the reader's personal growth. Congratulations to Drs. Maucieri and Carlson for carefully integrating science with application.
  6. Drs. Maucieri and Carlson have edited a volume that expands the understanding of ADHD. While other books have begun to discuss the relational issues confronting couples, this book covers every angle. The Distracted Couple starts with the DSM-5, and quickly moves into how adult ADHD is exhibited in treatment. Rather than concentrate only on the majority population, this volume clarifies the disorder with African-American couples and same sex couples. The specific issues that arise for women with ADHD are also beautifully connected to relational issues. Finally, this book rounds out its couple's focus by directly discussing the effect of ADHD on financial management. Clearly, this book serves as a necessary reference for a comprehensive understanding of ADHD and its effect on the relationships.
  7. As ADHD becomes increasingly common in adults and couples, clinicians of all stripes will need to increase their understanding of this condition to better treat or more appropriately refer for treatment. This is the “go to” book that I'll highly recommend to my students and colleagues.
  8. Drs. Maucieri and Carlson provide much-needed guidance for professionals who work with ADHD individuals and couples. They have recruited an impressive group of experts, with an emphasis on effective intervention with couples, the unique focus of this book. They present sophisticated views on diagnosis and brain functioning, including current controversies, in a straightforward style that can be understood even without training in neuropsychology. The book is also unique in discussing populations impacted by ADHD but underserved, including African American couples, same sex couples, and women with ADHD. Hopefully this volume will enable clinicians to help combat the blame and self-blame that permeates the lives of those with ADHD, enabling couples to work together to cope with the many challenges and frustrations involved, and dispelling the myths about adult ADHD that have left the majority of individuals undiagnosed.

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