Product reviews for 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence

Danielle Baillieu
Research has shown that the people who make it to the top in an organisation are those with 'emotional intelligence'. What do your emotions mean? How can you manage your emotions, how can you deal with conflicts in an emotionally intelligent way? What motivates people? How or can you handle situations in the best possible way? How or do you get what you want and at the same time ensure that other people get what they want?

I'm sure you have asked yourself some of these questions at some stage of your life. This book is aimed at helping you find the solutions. This easy to read book will have you managing your emotional budget in no time at all. Utilising various NLP patterns and strategies like the Disney Pattern the authors take us on a journey - starting at understanding our emotions, to managing our emotions and getting the best results in any given situation.

The authors look at both undesired and desired emotions and the impact they have on our lives and relationships. Particularly interesting is the discussion of the meta-programs of an emotionally intelligent person.

If you really want to get on in your life, your company or work, and strive for the top, then emotional intelligence is crucial. This book gives clear instructions on how you can do just that. You can learn to interact successfully with yourself and others.

Danielle Baillieu, NLP News, Magazine of the INLPTA December 2003
Guest | 14/09/2004 01:00
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