Product reviews for Smoke Free and No Buts!

Terri Bodell
Easy to read, clear, concise and to the point. This is a -no-frills' book that anyone who wants to quit smoking should read.

Full of tips, strategies and advice, it is not a 'holier than thou' or 'you must do..' type of book but rather a fun, lighthearted, yet also serious volume designed to help a smoker really think about why and how to quit.

Using NLP and teaching self hypnosis techniques to aid right brain thinking this is a good book to recommend to clients before their therapy sessions. It can really get them thinking about how different they and things in general are going to be when they are ex-smokers and how they will do things differently.

I believe that this book can complement therapy sessions, help to really motivate the client to know what they really want and generally start the process in the clients mind before they come to the therapist for smoking cessation work.

Guest | 16/09/2005 01:00
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