Smoke Free and No Buts!

By: Ann Williamson , Dr Geoff Ibbotson


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Size: 198mm x 129mm
Pages : 88
ISBN : 9781899836208
Format: Paperback
Published: June 1998

This delightfully illustrated book relies on a whole range of strategies for breaking the smoking habit with resources gleaned from NLP and hypnosis developed through the authors' experience of twenty-five years in general practice. The authors empower their readers to take heart and believe in themselves and in their ability to quit. Using visualisations, sage advice, understanding and large doses of encouragement, they not only explain why we become addicted to smoking, but also show us the best techniques for giving it up, and how to handle stress levels that develop along the way.

For those who really want to give up smoking for good – here's a small book with a large mission to show you how!

Picture for author Ann Williamson

Ann Williamson

Dr Ann Williamson has been a General Practitioner for thirty two years and has used hypnosis for more than fifteen years to help her patients deal with stress and anxiety and to help them facilitate change in how they live their lives. 

She is an accredited member of the British Society of Clinical & Academic Hypnosis, a certified NLP Master Practitioner and has had training in brief solution oriented therapy and other approaches.

She has been involved for many years with teaching Health Professionals how to use hypnotic techniques both for themselves and within their own field of clinical expertise.

She runs stress management, personal development and brief psychological interventions workshops on request, as well as seeing private clients for therapy. 

She has also lectured at Manchester, Chester and Salford Universities.

She has written three books: on stress management, smoking cessation and on brief psychological interventions in clinical practice. She is also co-editor of A Handbook of Contemporary Hypnosis.

She is also a Reiki Master Trainer and has an interest in creativity and exploring one's emotions through the arts.

Picture for author Dr Geoff Ibbotson

Dr Geoff Ibbotson

Dr Geoff Ibbotson was a GP for twenty-two years before he left his practice to pursue his interest in chest medicine and the applications of hypnosis. He worked for 14 years in a clinical psychology department and now practises hypno-psychotherapy on a private basis, is a tutor of hypno-psychotherapists and a clinical supervisor. He also undertakes medico-legal work.


  1. This approaches the problem of nicotine addiction from a realistic and practical perspective. I like the way that the authors encourage disassociation from the good points of smoking ” for example, they advise you to smoke when it will inconvenience you the most. Without pretending to offer a miracle cure, the book also proposes handy solutions to the many situational difficulties which arise in -˜social smoking'. Ibbotson & Williamson address psychological factors behind smoking, so giving readers an insight into how to combat their dependency. Their primary practical solution to nicotine craving is reducing intake over a controlled period, involving a reduction in the amount of the cigarette which is smoked rather than the overall number of cigarettes. As the nicotine level reduces, meditative procedures, positive thinking and a variety of mental techniques are used to support the ex-smoker. The accessibility of this guide and its easy-to-apply techniques should make it popular with all soon-to-be non-smokers. Its common sense and realistic, non-patronising approach, blended with practical solutions, means that there should be something for everyone. And enjoy the cartoons!
  2. Easy to read, clear, concise and to the point. This is a -no-frills' book that anyone who wants to quit smoking should read.

    Full of tips, strategies and advice, it is not a 'holier than thou' or 'you must do..' type of book but rather a fun, lighthearted, yet also serious volume designed to help a smoker really think about why and how to quit.

    Using NLP and teaching self hypnosis techniques to aid right brain thinking this is a good book to recommend to clients before their therapy sessions. It can really get them thinking about how different they and things in general are going to be when they are ex-smokers and how they will do things differently.

    I believe that this book can complement therapy sessions, help to really motivate the client to know what they really want and generally start the process in the clients mind before they come to the therapist for smoking cessation work.


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