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Abigail Simson has a BA(Hons)-International Studies and is newly smoke-free! Addiction Today Magazine
This approaches the problem of nicotine addiction from a realistic and practical perspective. I like the way that the authors encourage disassociation from the good points of smoking ” for example, they advise you to smoke when it will inconvenience you the most. Without pretending to offer a miracle cure, the book also proposes handy solutions to the many situational difficulties which arise in -˜social smoking'. Ibbotson & Williamson address psychological factors behind smoking, so giving readers an insight into how to combat their dependency. Their primary practical solution to nicotine craving is reducing intake over a controlled period, involving a reduction in the amount of the cigarette which is smoked rather than the overall number of cigarettes. As the nicotine level reduces, meditative procedures, positive thinking and a variety of mental techniques are used to support the ex-smoker. The accessibility of this guide and its easy-to-apply techniques should make it popular with all soon-to-be non-smokers. Its common sense and realistic, non-patronising approach, blended with practical solutions, means that there should be something for everyone. And enjoy the cartoons!
Guest | 02/11/2005 00:00
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