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19 May 2021

Read the review of Taking Control 2 here, the review of Love Teaching, Keep Teaching here and the review of Engagement here.

Written by Paul Garvey, Taking Control 2: How to prepare for Ofsted under the education inspection framework equips teachers, subject leaders and school leaders with the tools and know-how to enable them to
prepare for their next inspection with confidence. Distilled from Paul™s 11 years™ experience as an Ofsted inspector, this practical handbook builds on its predecessor Taking Control to help your school ready itself
for inspection under the 2019 education inspection framework (EIF). Find out more here.

Written by Peter Radford, Love Teaching, Keep Teaching: The essential guide to improving wellbeing at all levels in schools is a practical guide to staying well in a high-pressure profession Find out more here.

Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman™s Engagement is a carefully curated collection of experts™ insights on the theme of teacher and learner engagement, which “ as they ably demonstrate “ can be facilitated and encouraged in a number of ways. Find out more here.

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