Read the preface to Best of the Best: Progress

10 February 2017

In the Best of the Best series Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman have, for the first time, brought together the most influential voices in education in a series of convenient resources: each title a compendium of the most useful advice from the most celebrated educationalists combined with practical strategies to implement those ideas in the classroom.

Progress “ the first title in the series “ is written for teachers, by teachers, with contributions from John Hattie, Geoff Petty, John Jones, Sugata Mitra, David Didau, Mick Waters, Will Ord, Claire Gadsby, Robert Bjork, John West-Burnham, Guy Claxton, James Nottingham, Mark Burns, Martin Robinson, Mike Gershon, Pam Hook, Andy Hargreaves.

You can now read the authors' preface to Progress here before pre-ordering your own copy of the book here!

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