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17 June 2021

During her work as a teacher trainer and revision expert, Caroline Bentley-Davies noticed that educators are clamouring for guidance on how to help their students remember the content covered in their lessons.

In this book, Caroline answers that call by identifying the teaching techniques that contribute most effectively to long-term learning. She then sets out how to deliver content in such a way that it stays in pupils™ memories for longer and leads to greater independence and better exam performance.

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Charlotte Cross, Assistant Head Teacher “ Teaching and Learning, Bournville School:

œIn a time of real concern over ˜lost learning™ due to the enforced lockdowns and school closures of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sticky Teaching and Learning is the toolkit we have all been waiting for. It draws on a range of engaging examples, current educational research and theories and a range of effective practices to really make the reader think about how to engage pupils as active participants in their learning.

Making the precious curriculum content we have delivered stick is the thing we all crave “ and this book presents practical and accessible strategies in a really readable format to enable us, as teachers, to do just that.

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