Stretch & Challenge The More Able - Conference in London next week

26 September 2017

Are you confident that all students at your school are reaching their full potential?

This event is your opportunity to network with leading practitioners and experts, ask your key questions and leave with a range of resources to successfully support your more able students.
¢ Staff Training: Gain proven methods to ensure teachers can stretch and challenge your more able pupils in every lesson - primary and secondary sessions
¢ Whole-school: Know how to engage and motivate teachers to enable students to reach their full potential

What Can I Expect?

¢ Ofsted update: Know what inspectors will be looking for and what outstanding more able provision now looks like

¢ Identification: Gain new adaptable methods to identify which students should be working as gifted and/or talented

¢ Progress Tracking: Learn methods to track and monitor the progress of the more able and identify students underachieving

¢ Case Studies: Hear from 3 schools who share their top tips for challenging the more able
œExcellent “ lots of food for thought to take back to school and utilise with staff Lead Practitioner, Erdington Academy
œA very cohesive and comprehensive training event with useful and relevant resources and session handouts Form Teacher, Thomas™s Kensington

Who Should Attend?

  • Gifted & Talented/Most Able Co-ordinators

  • Deputy Headteachers

  • Assistant Headteachers

  • Teaching & Learning Co-ordinators

  • Heads of Department

  • Progress Leaders

What Our Delegates Have Said

œA great day that made me rethink my practice and evaluate school provision Inclusion Manager, St James the Great

œInspirational “ I™m taking back a host of ideas to consider G&T Co-ordinator, The Commonweal School

œA thought provoking and insightful look at providing support for the more able Prep School Teacher, Alton Convent School

Click here for more information on the event and click here to take a look at the brochure.

Click here to view the guest speakers at the event, including one of our authors Bob Cox.

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