Teach Secondary Issue 7.4 is now available!

31 May 2018

‹Featured within this issue of Teach Secondary are:

David Didau - "Teachers must be held to account, yes - but it has to be for their own decisions, not as a result of implementing someone else's idea of what works."

Vic Goddard - "No matter how much pressure is oiled on the profession, there's still plenty to celebrate about life at the chalkface, if we remember to look for it."

'Learn from the best. Can you take feedback?' Andy Griffith says: "Not all students are good at receiving or taking feedback. Some can be too proud to listen, some lack the necessary interest, while others may dislike, mistrust or not respect the person giving the feedback. In these situations even the best advice/feedback will be wasted and the recipients will simply tune out."

'The problem with Saturday CPD. Should teachers really be expected to sacrifice their weekends in order to access high quality training?' By Andy Lewis a contributor to 'Don't Change the Light Bulbs'.

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