Teacher Toolkit's John Dabell recommends three Crown House titles

16 March 2017

Three Crown House titles have been glowingly endorsed by John Dabell on the Teacher Toolkit website:

The Perfect Teacher by Jackie Beere.

"Jackie Beere talks about embedding the seven habits of highly effective teachers: self-management, reflective practice, flexibility, optimism, empathy, courage and resilience and collaboration."

How to Be an Amazing Teacher by Caroline Bentley-Davies.

"Describes really special teachers that have the ability to make time fly. These amazing souls mesmerise, engross and fascinate by effortlessly mixing together dynamic skills that she summarises as the five Es: Enthusiasm, Expertise, Empathy, Empowerment and Enterprise."

The Art Of Being A Brilliant Teacher by Gary Toward, Chris Henley and Andy Cope.

"An entertaining resource brimming over with positive psychology and 'cracking stuff' for building world class lessons."

Click here to read John's blog piece and on the above links to read more about each title.

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