Teaching Is My Sport with Samuel Elliott

06 May 2021

Samuel Elliott has been a classroom teacher since 2016. Having grown up, lived in and taught in deprived areas, Samuel possesses key insights into misbehaviour that many teachers lack. These experiences informed his approaches in his trainee and NQT years, which, combined with his research into behaviour psychology, have since given rise to a pedagogy that borrows from both traditional and progressive philosophies.

Listen to the episode here.

In ASBO Teacher Samuel offers no-nonsense principles hewn from the chalkface of the modern British classroom: ideas and approaches that have worked for the author in the most challenging settings and with the most testing pupils. He also provides a set of tips, tricks, and heuristics (rules of thumb) that he has gleaned from his ASBO apprenticeship, his close reading of contemporary educational research, and his first four years of teaching. Find out more about the book here.

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