Teaching Metacognition

14 January 2021

The following is taken from the SecEd website:

‹The latest episode of The SecEd Podcast offers practical tips and ideas about how teachers can make use of metacognition strategies to support students™ learning, helping them to become effective independent learners

In this episode of the SecEd podcast, Matt Bromley interviews Jackie Beere and Kevin Piper about metacognition and self-regulation.

The panel define their terms and discuss ways to help students develop metacognitive skills in order to support their wellbeing, and their learning and progress. They debate whether metacognition can be taught as a transferable skill or if it is domain-specific, and discuss the importance of a teacher modelling different learning strategies. The podcast offers a number of practical ideas and tips for teaching staff.

Featuring Jackie Beere, an educational trainer, former headteacher and author of many books for teachers, and Kevin Piper who has taught for 35 years in schools, colleges and universities and is now director of education at Creative Education.

Listen to the episode here.

Find out more about Jackie's book The Complete Learner's Toolkit here.

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