The 11th Day of Christmas

04 January 2021

Sweet Distress by Gillian Bridge,

From Able to Remarkable by Robert Massey,

Zest for Learning by Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer,

Independent Thinking on Laughter by Dave Keeling,

Independent Thinking on Teaching in Higher Education by Erik Blair,

Teacher in the Cupboard by Lisa Jane Ashes,

Beyond Wiping Noses by Stephen Lane,

The Lazy Teacher™s Handbook “ New Edition by Jim Smith,

Teach Like You Imagined It by Kev Lister,

Independent Thinking on Teaching and Learning by Jackie Beere and

Oops! and Oops! audiobook by Hywel Roberts.

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'The Five Clues' was reviewed in Family First magazine
The Five Clues, is a real-time murder-mystery thriller and family drama, combining an exciting race against time with a heart-rending story about a teenager learning to live with the loss of a beloved parent.
'A Head Full of Ethos' by Armando Di-Finizio is now available!
A head teacher’s insightful account of how to go about developing a shared vision and blending it into a school’s culture and day-to-day running.