The 12th Day of Christmas

05 January 2021

Making Kids Cleverer and Making Kids Cleverer audiobook by David Didau,

Sweet Distress by Gillian Bridge,

From Able to Remarkable by Robert Massey,

Zest for Learning by Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer,

Independent Thinking on Laughter by Dave Keeling,

Independent Thinking on Teaching in Higher Education by Erik Blair,

Teacher in the Cupboard by Lisa Jane Ashes,

Beyond Wiping Noses by Stephen Lane,

The Lazy Teacher™s Handbook “ New Edition by Jim Smith,

Teach Like You Imagined It by Kev Lister,

Independent Thinking on Teaching and Learning by Jackie Beere and

Oops! and Oops! audiobook by Hywel Roberts.

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'The Beginner's Guide to Cooperative Learning' has just arrived!
Written by Jakob Werdelin and Drew Howard, The Beginner’s Guide to Cooperative Learning: Make your learners your main teaching resource offers step-by-step guidance on how to get simple, powerful Cooperative Learning up and running in your setting – both as classroom practice and as a wider approach to empowering the entire school community.
Mark Finnis was a guest on Talking Piece Podcast
"Mark Finnis is the director of L30 relational systems and an Independent Thinking associate and one of the UK's leading exponents of restorative practice. With many years experience working with schools, local government agencies and social services, he is in great demand as a speaker and trainer, helping organisations adopt restorative practices in a way that is practical and achievable. We caught up with Mark to find out how he first got interested in restorative practice and how that has developed over the years."
Mick Waters has written an article in Schools Week
"We've waited long enough for DfE action on climate, writes Mick Waters, so these polices are welcome - albeit with a certain suspension of disbelief."