The Complete Learner's Toolkit has been reviewed!

20 October 2020

In The Complete Learner™s Toolkit, Jackie Beere has drawn on her extensive experience to help teachers realign their teaching, learning and motivational strategies to engage students at all levels. 

Jackie emphasises the developing importance for schools to refocus on the skills and strategies that learners will need within the changing economic climate and the new agenda in terms of opportunities for employment. She builds upon the growth mindset ideas of Carol Dweck linked to character traits such as tenacity, determination and resilience. She also extends the framework for teaching and learning by addressing the ten key skills identified by the World Economic Forum, such as learning strategies, problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership as the cornerstones of the new learning culture. 

The book provides a range of practical, tried-and-tested tasks “ for example, the sections on metacognition and mastering memory is a clear indication of the application of theory into practice within the learning arena “ and many readers will find the glossary of useful terms an added plus, too. 

The format, content and illustrations of this thought-provoking and stimulating resource make it a real pleasure to read, and I recommend it to all schools.

John T Morris BA(Hons),MEd,MPhil,DipPsych,CertEd, MOTIV82ASPIRE

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