The CPD Curriculum has been reviewed!

27 July 2021

"If you are a senior leader or a middle leader, and want to develop CPD practice in your school, this book will serve as either an excellent starting point or a Hayne’s manual to check on, build and reflect on your current practices. I recommend it." Read an excellent review of Zoe Enser and Mark Enser's new book 'The CPD Curriculum'.

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Co-authored by Zoe Enser and Mark Enser, The CPD Curriculum: Creating conditions for growth shares expert and practical guidance for schools on designing and delivering continuing professional development (CPD) that truly lives up to its name.

Zoe and Mark explain how schools can overcome issues with CPD that can leave teachers plateauing in their development after just a few years, and share a variety of case studies that illustrate the key components of an effective CPD programme that builds on teachers’ prior knowledge.

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