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22 June 2021

Zoe and Mark explain how schools can overcome issues with CPD that can leave teachers plateauing in their development after just a few years, and share a variety of case studies that illustrate the key components of an effective CPD programme that builds on teachers™ prior knowledge.

The authors spell out the importance of CPD and explain how, when done well, it gives teachers the agency to make professional decisions informed by the best evidence and experience they have to hand. Furthermore, they explore how high-quality professional development contributes not only to a collaborative culture within the school staff team and enhanced job satisfaction for teachers, but also to improved student outcomes.

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Andy McHugh, Head of Law and teacher of Religious Education, St John™s School and Sixth Form College, and Editor, HWRK Magazine:

So much of the CPD that is offered to teachers, or even imposed upon them, fails to take account of two simple but vital elements: teacher autonomy and career-stage relevance. In The CPD Curriculum, Zoe and Mark not only highlight these issues (among many others) but they ask the pertinent questions needed to help the reader re-evaluate and redesign the CPD offering in their own school.

Excellent CPD can take many forms and this is reflected by the authors™ selection of highly useful case studies, each of which approach the CPD conundrum from different directions. The long-term and personalised CPD approach advocated is a refreshing change from some of the top-down efforts of Whitehall, Ofsted and some MATs, in that Zoe and Mark recognise that effective development of staff cannot be achieved solely
through one-off sessions or from telling staff what they need to work on. Instead, this book provides the inspiration needed for taking action and a highly practical blueprint for becoming better teachers over time. After all, CPD isn™t a thing you complete on Thursday afternoon, but rather is a lifelong journey of growth towards expertise. To this end, The CPD Curriculum is the perfect travel companion for the way ahead.

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