The Kindness Principle is now available!

19 April 2021

Written by Dave Whitaker, The Kindness Principle: Making relational behaviour management work in schools advocates a behaviour management approach rooted in values, acceptance and a genuine understanding of children™s behaviour.

In an education system that too often reaches for the carrot-and-stick approach to dealing with poor pupil behaviour, an approach built on kindness and compassion might just provide the cure.

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Jon Chaloner, CEO, GLF Schools, Vice Chair, Headteachers™ Roundtable:

In The Kindness Principle, Dave provides invaluable insights into the essential ingredients that shape successful behaviour management strategies in schools. I have known Dave for a decade and I believe that he is one of the wisest and most highly respected voices in this field.

˜If we expect to see a naughty child, then that is what we will see. If we expect to see a child in need of support, then that is what we will see.™ These two sentences encapsulate different perceptions of an individual, which contribute to the complexity of behaviour management in schools. Dave™s writing challenges and encourages the reader throughout.

The Kindness Principle is a must-read for those striving to improve the life chances of all children and young people. The inclusion of a number of practical ˜Try this™ boxes provide ample room to reflect upon, examine and develop your own practice in setting the right conditions to enable all children to flourish.

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