The Little Book of Charisma

Applying the art and science

By: David Hodgson


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Size: 174mm x 124mm
Pages : 144
ISBN : 9781845902933
Format: Hardback
Published: September 2010

Charisma=C, Art=A, Science=S, Practice=P

The most skilful performers and communicators understand and apply the best of art and science.

You can either use this knowledge to enhance your own communication skills (to Jedi Master standard) or to be more aware of the techniques deployed by those seeking to influence you.

The book is a breathless, informative and funny journey through factors contributing to excellence in communication. Subjects include the six rules of influence, creating a powerful performance, constructing speeches, how to avoid being manipulated by advertisers, steering clear of the arrogance trap and which emotions to build in an audience (and in which order).

Picture for author David Hodgson

David Hodgson

David Hodgson is a training consultant and author who works with teachers and students across the UK and abroad. He has written a number of books to help teachers and students thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Bel Mooney recommends The Buzz in the Daily Mail.

Click here to listen to David on the TES podcast, speaking about how schools and colleges can provide high-quality careers advice.


  1. I was fascinated from page 1 of this book. David Hodgson has researched and put together a brilliant book filled with quotes, stories and exercises that show the reader how to change and become more appealing and charismatic. It is one of the books that you can dip in and out of or read from cover to cover. I really love it and it is well worth a read.
  2. There can't be many teachers who've got too much charisma. Well, this book is about what it is and how to get more. Literally pocket size, it is charming outside and engaging within. Extremely readable and replete with tips. Recommended!
  3. We normally connect charisma with people like Barack Obama, but this small book shows ordinary people how they can develop their own charismatic style of communication. The author has a background in NLP and introduces an equation whereby he defines charisma as a function of identity beliefs, communication skills, emotion and use of space, all brought together by practice. This equation also informs the structure of the book which puts forward a series of patterns and activities that can be adopted by communications of all kinds, but especially teachers who are interacting with young people on a daily basis. A helpful book with many practical tips.
  4. This is a treasure trove of great ideas and practical strategies with engaging and relevant stories woven throughout the book. I can`t think of any other book that includes references to the Simpsons and tantric sex!

    David has a gift for taking complex and profound ideas and making them really accessible and fun to learn. Anyone who has met him knows he definitely walks the talk. For anyone committed to being an elegant and influential communicator this is a must read. What I especially enjoyed was being able to dip into the book over and over again to try new ideas.

    For teachers there are so many illustrations of great ways to connect with and influence children that can be applied immediately.

    Given that research suggests that 80% of workplace problems involve poor communication rather than technical competence this little book is a much needed resource.
  5. The Little Book of Charisma is a generous and comprehensive resource of exercises, meaning, quotes and stories for the tutor to engage the student through many levels and aspects of Charisma. It is refreshingly easy to use for either quick lessons and processes or for an entire journey through all the levels from authenticity to the ways we make connection. David Hodgson`s style and material is inspiringly supportive, creative and clear and a must whether a novice or very experienced teacher.
  6. `At last someone has wrestled the beast to the ground. Charisma, that most elusive of concepts, is no longer the property of the gifted few but available to the rest of us. In a book filled with nuggets and gems, David Hodgson draws the map and shows us the route. Read, enjoy, learn the method and change your life.`
  7. Brilliant and thought provoking. There are no degree awards for charisma. It`s an asset which people recognise in others but have never been given guidance on how to achieve it themselves. When I was at grammar school I worked one Christmas break in a large departmental store in Kensington with three students from a well known public school. They were far more charismatic, confident in speech, listening with skill, really effective use of body language-¦they made me feel inadequate. I wish that David had published this book in 1963. This book should be on the reading list of all PGCE and CertEd courses.
  8. I was captivated by this book from the beginning. David Hodgson is engaging, thought provoking and entertaining. This wonderful book is clearly widely researched, well thought through and uses both personal and professional anecdotes to reveal how the reader can communicate their ideas with charisma. `It`s not enough to have a great idea` says David, `we need to be able to communicate our ideas with charisma`. That`s the key to this book and you`ll learn exactly how to do the same. I`ll be recommending this book to all my clients and using a few of these strategies myself!
  9. This is another addition to the `Little Book of-¦` series published by Crown House. It is aimed chiefly at teachers and purports to equip them with skills that will engage and motivate students in the same way that inspirational leaders in the wider world can command the attention and support of others. Hodgson is a skilled writer and in this book he certainly `walks his talk`. It is an engaging read, peppered throughout with humorous anecdotes and references to real-life people, using examples of how they have used the techniques he describes, often unconsciously. Readers familiar with Neuro-Lingustic Programming techniques will no doubt recognise those described, but the strength of this book lies in its accessibility and appeal to both the NLP novice and indeed the NLP veteran (this one at any rate.)

    The book is structured around `patterns` (a fundamental concept in NLP) and there are 38 of them described, grouped under chapter headings: Identity/Beliefs/Communication Skills to name but three. Linked to each pattern is a `charisma activity`; so for example Pattern 18 which is called `Groups of Three` has a linked activity asking the reader to identify ways of organising a lesson so that the imparted information is put into groups of three. Skilled orators use this technique frequently - it is sometimes called the Rule of Three - and Hodgson also cites research suggesting that this approach is likely to mean that the learner retains more of what is said.

    The result of all this is a very practical, skills based book. Being pocket sized it could be carried around school and whipped out for a quick perusal during a morning coffee break - potentially as stimulating as the accompanying slug of a caffeine enriched beverage.

    My only complaint is one of omission - a few cartoons might have made a fitting accompaniment to the text; however this is a minor quibble about what is another welcome addition to the Crown House stable.
  10. ` I loved this book. It is packed with tips and interesting facts too. There is something useful on almost every page and you could almost just open it anywhere and read and learn. It also feels as if it is written in a hurry, without a wasted word, which I like - I found myself reading it more quickly than I normally would! The first book in history with a fast forward button; how clever.`
  11. A very interesting book full of activities aimed at producing charismatic lessons from a charismatic teacher. The lessons would be really enjoyable and promote natural learning.
  12. Teachers in their flow, at one with their learners, telling powerful stories and putting emotion into motion. Charismatic and inspirational teachers can transform children`s lives, and this book should be read by all within the profession. It has the far greater capacity to hook a child into learning alongside his or her teacher than Ofsted, the National Strategies and DCSF rolled into one. It therefore represents wonderful value for money, so stop looking at the cover and get it bought. Now!

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