The Little Books

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Sorting out Behaviour

A head teacher's guide

The Little Book of Dyslexia

Both sides of the classroom

Where Will I Do My Pineapples?

The little book of building a whole new school

Dancing About Architecture

A Little Book of Creativity

The Little Book of Charisma

Applying the art and science

The Little Book of Music for the Classroom

Using music to improve memory, motivation, learning and creativity

The Little Book of Values

Educating children to become thinking, responsible and caring citizens

The Book of Thunks®

Is not going fishing a hobby and other possibly impossible questions to stretch your brain and annoy your friends

The Little Book of Big Stuff About the Brain

The true story of your amazing brain

The Little Book of Thunks®

260 questions to make your brain go ouch!

Little Owl's Book of Thinking

An Introduction to Thinking Skills