The Little Book of Values

Educating children to become thinking, responsible and caring citizens

By: Julie Rees (Formerly Duckworth)


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Size: 174mm x 124mm
Pages : 152
ISBN : 9781845901356
Format: Hardback
Published: March 2009

We live in a society consumed by materialism and the desire for more. Does this mean our next generation of children will grow up being literate and numerate greedy consumers whose lives are judged by the size of their houses and the latest model BMW on the drive? Or can our society, along with the desire of educators, teach our children the values they need to take responsibility for living and learning. It’s simple: the children are our future, it’s our moral duty in schools to provide a values based curriculum.

The Little Book of Values explores twenty-two values that can be taught through schools and indeed the whole community. The book will inspire you by using examples of where values are already being used by children and adults in schools, and share practical tools to stimulate discussion and philosophical debate. It will also help people to take stock of their own values and how they wish to lead their life. Megan aged 10 said,

“Values are not simply words. They are skills we are learning for life and when I grow up I will remember to have them with me and use them to help me live a happy life.”

Picture for author Julie Rees (Formerly Duckworth)

Julie Rees (Formerly Duckworth)

Julie Rees has been teaching in the primary sector for 20 years. As Headteacher of a primary school experiencing all the challenges of a deprived rural area she introduced the Values Education approach which radically transformed the quality of life for both children and staff. Julie is currently Headteacher of Ledbury Primary School.


  1. With the changing emphasis upon emotional learning, ,equality, diversity and safeguarding in schools and colleges this is a thought provoking and stimulating text. The author enables the reader the reader to reflect upon their personal values and consider the impact upon others. This will be a valuable resource for pastoral teams, mentors, coaches and managers within schools and colleges. The framework Julie Duckworth creates provokes personal awareness and promotes self confidence, awareness of others, honesty, trust, resilience and perseverance. A well written and stimulating book.
  2. This is a little BIG book! The messages are big and strong; values enable our children to take their dreams and let them live! Values help to develop people of hope, people who think and we think to be more humane. What values do for us all and especially children are to form people of love, care and compassion, with a deep sense of hope who appreciate beauty and wonder. The little book of values truely has a treasure chest amomgst its pages. It guides the reader through how values can be seen, touched, and felt. It shows how the flourishing of mankind really can and does happen in a values led school community and can reach out beyond its own locality. Every head should read this Big little book!

    Having practiced a values led approach in several school for many years I can strongly recommend this book full of "treasure".

    "Values makes you feel good to be alive!" a 7 year old from Lyneham Primary school.

    Julie Carr, Headteacher, Lyneham Primary school

  3. A Little Book of Values is a clear, helpful and highly enjoyable handbook for teachers who are looking for ways of helping children to think constructively and live harmoniously.
    Using concepts such as Simplicity and Appreciation, children" and adults"explore their relationship with themselves and their community. They love it. Eleven-year-old Daniel says,My favourite value is responsibility because thinking of being responsible and being trusted by others makes me feel very happy, whatever the situation.

    Frances Farrer, author of A Quiet Revolution (fh books, 2005)
  4. A must for every school ” order it now! This is because The Little Book of Values truly reflects the outstanding Values Education that I see in action at Ledbury Primary School in Herefordshire. This is a wonderful example of a school that “walks the talk' of Values Education. Julie Duckworth's little book, with an enormous heart, will be a source of inspiration and practical ideas for schools to be values-based communities ” a must for the 21st Century. My vision for Julie's superb book is that it will be seen as a vital resource for all schools. Brilliant!
  5. Sometimes you meet a book which you can't put down, which reminds you of what education is all about and inspires you to want to make a difference in the lives of children. The Little Book of Values is one of those books. It's a humbling and impressive read combining quotes from children with advice for teachers; ideas for assemblies with values that get to the core of what we should be doing in Education. The chapter on 'Honesty' should be compulsory reading for everyone and I will certainly see geese in a different light after reading about 'Unity'. If every child and adult in our community shared these values our world would be a better place.
  6. Values Education is at the heart of many of our schools in Herefordshire, and the quality of their personal development and wellbeing is a testament to this practice and to the individuals who embody it. This book is a celebration of the work at Ledbury Primary School and exemplifies the power of Values Education in transforming schools, and transforming lives. This is a practical demonstration of how Values Education reaches out and touches children and adults alike, enabling individuals and organisations to develop positive strength and purpose through living values-filled lives. Enjoy this book as an uplifting read, or as a toolkit for school transformation!

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