The 'Pre Prep Leadership Conference: Include And Inspire' is just around the corner!

01 March 2018

"The 2018 conference provides our Pre Prep leaders with an opportunity to learn, develop, share and reflect on how we can Include and Inspire every member of our school communities to be the best they can, not least, ourselves."

œLeading in our Pre Prep schools is an exciting challenge as the rich diversity of each group of pupils, staff and families within every school flourishes. Professional learning and development among our staff at levels appropriate to each individual underpins the quality of experience for our pupils. As leaders, we set the model of lifelong learning to be our personal best in all we do, and we do this while ensuring the children, their families and our staff are safe and happy within and beyond our school gates. Our role is rich and varied, our resilience and perseverance are tested daily. œ

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