The SEND Conference 2018 takes place tomorrow!

17 January 2018

There Is No Such Thing As A ˜Standard™ Pupil With SEN, So It Is Vital To Make Sure That Interventions Match Children.

Discover interventions that will make sure that your SEN provision is as effective as possible. Learn how to demonstrate progress for Ofsted to earn that Outstanding judgement.

Key Highlights:

  • Analysis of Ofsted™s Outstanding requirements from Ofsted™s former national SEN lead.

  • Consider the strands of SEN reform and how successful they have been.

  • How to effectively evidence interventions.

  • Important considerations for designing interventions.

  • The importance of collaborative care and collaborative responsibility in SEN interventions.

  • Develop skills of all stakeholders, to ensure excellent SEN provision.

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'Bringing Forth the Bard' by Zoe Enser is due to arrive this June!
Links together the golden threads which run through Shakespeare’s work and highlights how teachers can best explore these with students and include them in the wider English curriculum.
Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters have written a blog post for the BERA
"We all learned at school Churchill’s comment that ‘democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time’ (quoted in Langworth, 2008, p. 583). So when somebody gave us both Jacques Rancière’s Hatred of Democracy (2006), despite the warning that we would find it ‘hard going’, we couldn’t resist."
Blog post for David Dixon ahead of his webinar with the NAHT on sustainability in schools
"In the early 2000’s the then government had the aim of making every school a ‘Sustainable School’ by the year 2020."
The Five Clues is one of eight books shortlisted for the Dudley Children’s Book Award!
Here's some feedback from the judges: I thoroughly enjoyed The Five Clues. Edie is courageous and talented, and shows great resilience and determination in solving clues left by her mum following her death. It is a wonderful, clever and compelling read. It’s also the first book in the Don’t Doubt the Rainbow series, so I can’t wait for the next instalment! A very worthy title on the Dudley Children’s Book Award Shortlist. Librarian, Dudley Secondary School
Tim Brighouse was on GB news on Sunday
They discussed what the future of schools should look like.