'The Uncertainty Principle' has won an award in the Teach Secondary Awards 2020

15 October 2020

The trigger for this programme was 18th March when the Government announced that every school was effectively closing until further notice (with the exception of a small number of pupils) due to coronavirus pandemic. 

The programme was designed with two complementary foci. These were:

  • To support all staff with strategies to cope with the challenging situation of school closure and support them to prepare for the huge challenges of re-opening a school following a long period of enforced closure.  This strand of the programme was entitled, ˜The Uncertainty Principle™.

  • Work with leaders at all levels to focus on developing capacity to raise performance in their teams through effective learning.  The lockdown provided a unique opportunity for leaders at the Academy to engage in slow-thinking. Reflecting and analysing key areas that had previously not been fully explored due to operational busy-ness. 

Read more about the project and read the judges' comments here.

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