Three of our books are included in Schools Week’s ‘12 books to look forward to’

27 July 2021


Schools Week features three of our books: 'Becoming a Teacher', 'The Four Pillars of Parental Engagement' and 'The CPD Curriculum' in their article '12 books to look forward to this summer and beyond'.

​Read the article in full here.

Accessible, readable and engaging, Becoming a Teacher draws on Alan Newland’s decades of professional work and academic study in education to set out the key principles for developing and understanding the professional values essential to becoming a good teacher. Find out more here.

In The Four Pillars of Parental Engagement, Justin Robbins and Karen Dempster offer a unique approach to the holy grail of parental engagement for the 21st century. Rather than setting it as a separate activity, they consider parental engagement as a planned, sustained and integral part of the whole-school approach: an approach which starts with the school vision and positions parents and schools equally as fundamental to student learning. Find out more here.

Co-authored by Zoe Enser and Mark Enser, The CPD Curriculum: Creating conditions for growth shares expert and practical guidance for schools on designing and delivering continuing professional development (CPD) that truly lives up to its name. Zoe and Mark explain how schools can overcome issues with CPD that can leave teachers plateauing in their development after just a few years, and share a variety of case studies that illustrate the key components of an effective CPD programme that builds on teachers’ prior knowledge. Find out more here.

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