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20 November 2020

‹The following areas were addressed in the webinar:

  1. What is your understanding of emotional literacy?

  2. What learning challenges do you think a better understanding of emotional literacy can help with?

  3. Know thyself: How can understanding your reactions to particular situations be useful in the classroom, for both pupils and teachers?

  4. While everyone is different, what are the common trigger points for bad outcomes in your experience from your own classroom?

  5. What strategies have you used or seen to increase emotional literacy for learning?

  6. How can senior leaders, and the wider school community help individuals develop better emotional literacy?

  7. What role could technology play in developing better emotional literacy?

  8. What can teachers achieve by having a better emotional literacy of themselves?

Watch the webinar here.

To find out more about Richard's new book Independent Thinking on Emotional Literacy, click here.

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